Jhon, the toy that entertains and educates

“Jhon represents an ordinary child, with a Creole appearance, big eyes, a judicious child’s hairstyle, a short one-piece dress, well-tied lace shoes, which is not a simple task for a child, would he tie them up? end, many things that evoke our childhood full of little things but of great transcendence. “

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Educate and have fun are two actions that can be taken simultaneously.

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01.Because that's how we were happy; reminding us that fun is available to everyone, in the simple, in the day to day, in the things you do, in the everyday life; It is not about what is on the outside, it is about what you have inside, not in the things that you have or what surrounds you, but in the perspective with which you look at them.

02.It also reminds us that you do not need super powers to help others; With a greeting of blessing you can help someone to have a good day, when you teach a biblical principle you are helping someone to live better, songs that brighten the soul and teach you who you can trust.

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03.A toy that makes us evoke the simplicity of life, a real life, without appearances or so much fantasy that it is dangerous.

A fun life depends on you!